Food & Drink | June 14, 2017 9:00 am

Your Own Personal Dad’s Day Gifting Assistant

We rigged our Messenger to help you pick out gifts for dads

By The Editors

Father’s Day is around the corner. 

Do you know where your old man’s present is? 

On the chance you do not, we can help. And we’ve made it brilliantly, gloriously idiot-proof.

Like, robot-does-it-for-you idiot-proof. 

Introducing InsideHook’s dads and grads gifting concierge. It’s armed with 50 unique and exceptional presents, and it’s here to make your annual shopping so simple a monkey with a smartphone could do it.

All you need to do is open up a convo with us in Facebook Messenger and send a “hello” (you’ll need a Facebook account to do this).

Our gifting concierge will ask you a few questions about your recipient of choice, and within just a few taps, you’ll be staring at a range of gifts specifically tailored to their interests and eccentricities.

The man of the world who seemingly has everything? We’ve got you. Your nephew who was voted most likely to go viral? We’ve got you. The dad who will forever be collecting what can only be referred to as “cool random sh*t?” You guessed it: we’ve got you.

All that’s left: for you to sit back and enjoy your accolades as the world’s most thoughtful son or graduation attendee.

Now this is a job we’ll happily let the robots take.