Food & Drink | December 9, 2016 9:00 am

An Automated Restaurant That Requires Zero Human Interaction Just Opened

In case you were wondering where your jobs are going ...

Earlier this year, a McDonald’s in Wales solved one of the great fast food pain points when they introduced walk-thru windows.

Now another restaurant chain is leveling its sights at another pillar of inconvenience: having to talk to people.

Eatsa is a fully automated restaurant, open yesterday in New York with locations in Washington D.C. and across California. It requires zero human interaction. 

That’s right: simply step into their apparently kitchen-devoid space, order one of their quinoa-based bowls at an iPad kiosk and wait for your order to appear in a wall of transparent LCD cubbies. After your name appears on the screen, simply tap it twice and open the portal to your portable meal. And because there’s no need for those pesky employee things, the price can’t be beat: all their bowls are $6.95.

And with a variety of simultaneously healthy and tasty options — they even have chips and guac — this is one automat we’re willing to try.

New Yorkers can be the first to get their auto-quinoa on, at 285 Madison Ave.

And if you love the idea of isolation, but are dismayed to see that Eatsa offers seating where you could potentially make a meaningful human connection, why not try eating a bowl of ramen in a box?