Food & Drink | December 5, 2016 9:00 am

Cannabis-Infused K-Cups Are Now a Thing

Your morning caffeine buzz is about to get a lot mellower

Your morning caffeine buzz is about to get a lot mellower. And earth-friendly.

That’s thanks to Brewbudz, a San Diego-based cannabis company, which just introduced a patented, compostable single-serve pod of CBD- and THC-infused coffee, tea and cocoa.

According to the Denver mag Westword, each Brewbudz pod contains 10 mg of THC for recreational users and 25-50 of CBD for medical users. The pods, compatible with Keuring machines, will cost $7 each and launch in six states over the next few months.

Given that over a quarter of American households own a single-serve coffee machine, this is a ripe opportunity for the growing cannabis/edibles market. (Canada did get a headstart in this area with a product called CANNCUP.)

And they’re somewhat environmentally friendly. Due to their packaging, K-Cups are difficult to recycle. BB claims their pods are 100% compostable — they’re crafted from a soft mesh made of coffee beans and certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. Ideally, they’ll break down naturally in five weeks (though that’s only if you have a compost pile with the proper conditions).

Caveat: As someone who’s, uh, good friends with someone who just tried a cannabis-infused single-serve coffee (non-pod variety) in Seattle, we can attest that the combo of caffeine and THC can lead to a very hazy, somewhat paranoid day. Proceed with caution — but do call us when they infuse capsules for the far superior Nespresso machines.