Food & Drink | March 30, 2017 10:40 am

Americans Can Now Buy the World’s Strongest Coffee, Dubbed Black Insomnia

The hyper-caffeinated crowd will now be able to turn their coffee buzz up to 11.

According to Food & Wine, a South African brew called Black Insomnia—which touts itself as the world’s strongest coffee—is now being sold in America.

Per the company’s website, its blend has been proven the strongest in the world by “independent lab results.” (Upstate New York’s Death Wish Coffee also lays claim to the “world’s strongest” title). Each cup of Black Insomnia’s coffee packs a 702-milligram caffeine punch. Putting that into perspective, the Mayo Clinic suggests 400 milligrams is a safe daily caffeine consumption level for adults.

One pound of the Ugandan-Guatemalan-Brazilian blend costs just under $20. Order one here.

Below, watch and listen to Black Insomnia’s very NSFW (but hilarious) Kickstarter campaign video (we’d suggest listening with headphones on).