Finance | October 27, 2016 5:00 am

Collectors Paying Shockingly High Prices for ‘Haunted’ Dolls




There’s a strange hobby that’s growing in popularity that you probably weren’t aware of: haunted doll collecting.

And let’s be clear: “haunted” isn’t a figure of speech. The sellers of these dolls insist that you aren’t just buying a toy: You’re purchasing something that contains a trapped soul. Indeed, there was enough of a market that eBay made a point of banning the sale of “magic services.” (Apparently, dealers get around it by noting that spirits are not guaranteed, with the result that buyers are technically only acquiring a doll—otherworldly forces inhabiting it are just a happy bonus.)

And yes, there is a serious market for these dolls. The one above sells for $9,0000—you can acquire it by clicking here. This doll is approximately 34″ tall and weighs 5.3 pounds, and the seller describes her as “used, dirty, and evil.” (Keeping with the disclaimer policy, the seller also notes, “AS IS, NO RETURNS, NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HAUNTINGS, DEMON POSSESSION, OR GOOD THINGS HAPPENING.”)

Vice did some investigating on why people acquire them and found reasons ranging from a quest for knowledge (“Many people who work with black or white magic are in need of a particular spirit to help them with their spells and rituals”) to a desire to fill a personal void (“There are some people who are interested because they don’t have children of their own”).

Regardless, there is definitely a market out there. Which is why this “REAL MEXICAN HAUNTED DOLL!!” …



… sells for $5,650. (Though they’re also welcoming offers.)

And this super freaky doll, which the owner claims has winked on its own before and is probably a “vessel” …

Haunted doll Bessie (eBay)


… sells for $2,400. Its name is Bessie and the owner will accept layaway.

Should you be looking for an unforgettable Halloween surprise for a loved one (or perhaps an enemy), browse a list of other haunted eBay options here, including some that are more affordable. (Some go for as low as $50, which is a lot of haunting bang for your buck.)

If you still can’t get enough of haunted dolls, watch a video on them below that has already been viewed nearly four million times.