Culture | July 1, 2014 9:00 am

Cup Runneth Over

By The Editors

NYC is a city divided: Yankees vs. Mets! Knicks vs. Nets! Huge sodas vs. the right to be fat!

But today, we stand united. United in our desire to watch the people of Belgium — that cute little cockpit of Europe — weep into their overpriced Chimay.

At 4 PM it’s USA vs. Stroopwafels, friends. Let’s get it on.

Where to Watch
We scoured all of NYC and found the one perfect bar in each section of the city (Ed. note: with the exception of Midtown West, where two amazing soccer bars are on the same block). Check them out on a map right here.

Just remember: you don’t need to reserve a table. You’re gonna have to stand up to see the screen anyway. And to cheer Michael Bradley, the fleet-footed Lobot of our squad.

How to Celebrate at the Office
Stuck in the office? Our booze-deliverin’ pals at Minibar have you covered with a special World Cup package (just enter your delivery address here — you’ll see the package featured on the following page).

It includes everything you need to make Brazilian caipirinhas, plus some Miller High Life to boot — because Budweiser, allegedly the most American of beers, is actually owned by, wait for it … Belgians! Dun dun dunnnn!

And because the best drinkin’ is free drinkin’, tweet or Instagram a pic of your office World Cup setup and tag both @insidehook and @minibardelivery — we’ll pick our favorite and deliver that man a free box of hooch.

Nota bene: To edify thyself ahead of today’s match, check out this definitive look at what the US needs to do to get by Belgium.