Culture | November 6, 2014 9:00 am

This? Nothing But Beautiful Women.

Sexy photography, in book and gallery form

By The Editors

Most notions of beauty are subjective.

The curves of a McLaren Spider. The chiaroscuros of Caravaggio. That one bartender who always gave you a buyback. That guy was awesome.

Then there’s objective beauty.

And for that we have The Beauty Book, a gorgeous new coffee table tome available now.

The Beauty Book is the work of Kenneth Willardt, famed fashion shutterbug who’s snapped pics for just about every major rag and client in the game.

It’s a collection of Willardt’s eye-popping work from the last 25 years.

Inside: famous and leggy beauties like Adriana Lima and Lara Stone alongside beauties who are lesser known, but leggy all the same.

They’re eating pasta. Grocery shopping in swimwear. Sprawled upon a carpet of cats.

It’s that tricky alchemy of sexy and chic that looks great on the coffee table.

Starting Saturday night, Willardt’s work will be on display (and for sale) at Chelsea’s 558 Gallery — because if your apartment doesn’t have an oversize technicolor print of a nude woman with a tiny horse, you’re just not living.

That’s beauty no matter who the beholder happens to be.