Culture | July 10, 2014 9:00 am

Freedom of Beach

By The Editors

Many of us (your correspondent included) spent this last weekend whiling away the hours on a sandy stretch of beach.

And a man who whiles is a man in want of activities.

Like this: the smart roll-up backgammon and checkers sets from Summer Shop, now available at various locations across the city and online.

This thing is delightful.

Made right here in NYC, the game doubles as a drawstring canvas bag.

And so: toss your towel, book and paddleball set into the bag, then smooth it out for a towelside game.

The chips, dice and tumbler are handsomely lathed wood — nary a chintzy piece of plastic to be found.

In addition to oceanfront gaming, S.S. also has your sunscreened back with dapper “getaway duffels” perfect for bigger beach gear.

(Ed. note: also discovered over the weekend? An ice-filled garbage bag placed inside a duffel makes an excellent makeshift beer cooler. Skills, y’all, skills.).

Plus: stylish gear for your pooch if you’re headed for canine-friendly shores, and shaker sets complete with “cocktail anchors” for post-beach libations.

While on, old boy. While on.