Spinelli Galleries
By The Editors / December 13, 2013 9:00 am

Funny thing happens to a man after he pilots a hot air balloon into a prison.

He becomes a world-renowned photographer.

At least that was the path for NYC shutterbug Victor Spinelli, who – after the impromptu incarceration – decided to ditch the dirigible and travel the world, camera in hand.

And now he’s opened up a brand new online gallery where you can view (and purchase) his work in its entirety.

Shown in galleries from Ibiza to Shanghai, said work runs a pretty wide gamut, from snaps of Burmese monks to waterscapes of Italian shipwrecks.

Where he really shines, however, is the female form. (Disclaimer: tasteful NSFWs forthcoming.)

Spinelli’s catalogue boasts an abundance of cheeky, artful erotica.

Provocative candids captured backstage at burlesque performances. A portrait of a young lady cooking breakfast in naught but high heels and a medieval knight’s helmet. An octopus draped artistically over a curvy derriere.

Yes, you read that right.

Plus, Spinelli’s magnum opus: “Diver Up!” – a portrait of a voluptuous dame sporting a vintage diving bell and nothing else, to which Spinelli adds a variety of hand-painted backdrops.

So you can add it to yours.