Culture | November 25, 2013 9:00 am

Whiskey Giving Guide

By The Editors

We all hold a special place in our heart – and our livers – for friends who know their cheap whiskey.

These are those friends: Brett David and Stephen Yorsz, creative directors of just-opened LES whiskey den Rochelle’s, which stocks 90+ varieties of brown behind the pine.

So we turned to Yorsz to pick the best cheap (but good!) whiskeys to stock your home bar and give your friends this holiday season:

To Impress Your Liquor Snob Friends
Evan Williams White Label $17

“When they’re all sitting around with their new micro-distilled white dogs, drop a bottle of this on the table. They’ve probably never seen the bottled-in-bond stuff before; only became available outside Kentucky August 1st.”

To Give Your Father-in-Law
Wild Turkey Rare Breed $40

“As an old guy, he probably knows Wild Turkey, but bet he’s never seen their ultra small-batch expression – and at 108 proof it’s a good bang for the buck. Also goes for like $40, so even if you don’t like him, you’re not dropping an arm and a leg.”

For Makin’ Punch
Henry McKenna $20

“Henry McKenna, either the 80 or the 100. Has a high rye content that makes it super spicy – crazy cheap and perfect for a holiday punch.”



To Use Across the Board
Monkey Shoulder $29
“It’s Scotch, so of course you can enjoy it neat, but the hints of vanilla and caramel make it great for cocktails that would typically be made with bourbon or rye.”