Culture | June 12, 2014 9:00 am

Fender Bender

By The Editors

“Road Soda” (noun): an alcoholic beverage consumed inside a moving vehicle.

Not typically a good idea.

Thank God for the alternate definition: Road Soda, a 1967 Airstream trailer fully retrofitted into a gleaming mobile speakeasy, now available for parties.

This one’s always a good idea.

The RS team includes a Death & Co. vet, the beverage director of Crown Hospitality and an engineer who builds art cars for Burning Man.

Together, they converted an LBJ-era Airstream into a shiny cocktailery-on-wheels that pops up at corporate events, birthday parties and the like to sling craft libations through a taco-truck-style window.

Road Soda develops custom menus for each client.

They also dispense bevvies via a “Craft on Draught” tap system – meaning you get cocktails on the quick, but with an expert mixologist’s touch.

Speaking of which, RS boasts relationships with NYC’s top cocktail dens, so if you’d like a particular drink or even barman from your favorite watering hole, they can set that up for you.

And for your super VIP guests: a private five-man den inside the trailer, complete with table service.

Or maybe one man, one woman.

Or four women. You have been drinking.