Culture | July 18, 2014 9:00 am

In the Zone

By The Editors

Meet Paul Zone.

Raised in Brooklyn. Worshiped Iggy and Alice. Befriended Debbie Harry and Chris Stein as a teenager. Bought a camera.

And then unwittingly compiled the definitive photographic record of NYC’s punk revolution.

Introducing Playground, on sale right now.


Zone’s an ex-rocker and biographer nonpareil of the New York underground.

He witnessed it all.

CBGB. Max’s Kansas City.

Dee Dee Ramone sharing lipstick with his girlfriend.

Chris and Debbie posing over a graffiti’d urinal.

Lou Reed in black tee, faded jeans and biker boots, playing God.

Great photos, all. Check them out on our Facebook, where we’ve posted some quotes from Paul relayed us re: their origins.

For instance: “Two years earlier Connie gained infamy when she tried to cut off Arthur Kane’s thumb …”

Rock and roll, alla this.