Culture | October 21, 2014 9:00 am

Doctors of the 1%

Pager: They make house calls

By The Editors

Real men don’t go to the doctor’s office.

It has nothing but germs and tiny lollipops.

Instead, they get the doctor to come to them.

Hence: Pager, the NYC outfit that sends the doctor to your home or office (or your wife’s, or your daughter’s, etc.), booking now.

This is the house call, updated.

Simply request an invite to the app, and then just … get sick.

Or don’t, rather. Now for $25, Pager will send a board-certified physician to wherever you may be (Ed. note: maybe don’t do this in a Starbucks) within two hours to stick you with a flu shot and keep you right as rain through germ season.

Pager handles other ills as well – physicals, blood work, IVs, even the occasional X-ray. Says their founder, “basically anything urgent care can do.”

The doctor will see you now, wherever you are.