Culture | June 19, 2014 9:00 am

Whatcha Want

By The Editors

There are 48-year-old guys.

And there are super cool, ultra-hip guys.

But there are not many 48-year-old, super cool, ultra-hip guys.

The Beastie Boys’ Mike D is one of those few.

And he’d like to impart some of that well-aged brio in this just-released issue of Monster Children, guest-edited by Mr. Diamond himself.


Monster Children is handsome. It’s coffee table-worthy. And it hails from Australia, where they specialize in bookshelf-worthy ‘zines (Ed. note: actually true) chock full of gorgeous photography, unorthodox interviews and babes. So many babes.

In the new issue, Diamond gabs about the Beasties’ early days and getting mugged by a group of small children.

He also pals around with fellow cool-dudes-in-their-forties, catching gorgeous snaps of a Mexican surf trip with Spike Jonze and Rob Machado, then getting schooled on the Manhattan skate scene with Method Man. (Ed note: Method Man is 43??)

Oh, and there are topless shots of jaw dropper Cailin Russo, which are suitable (in your humble correspondent’s opinion) for framing.

Diamond created accessories in conjunction with the issue, including a stately leather wallet, a tote perfect for stashing your beach gear and an extremely limited-edition boxed set of the mag that you should buy before finishing this article.

Trust, it’s whatcha whatcha whatcha want.