Culture | October 16, 2014 9:00 am

Speakeasy Bordello, Comin’ Right Up

Like Sleep No More in New Orleans

By The Editors

American History for the day: “Storyville” refers to the early 20th-century red light district of New Orleans. Sixteen blocks along which the oldest profession in the world was sanctioned by John Q. Law. It had guidebooks and everything.

And now, it’s back. Right here in New York.

They’re calling it Lulu’s Dove House, a monthly bit of immersive dinner theatrics at LES cocktail den Sons of Essex.


Starts next Wednesday. Will be a very, very hot date.

First, you’re encouraged to dress the part. Think jazzy. Great chance to buy a hat.

Your night begins at an unassuming LES bodega, where a costumed character will give you your “identity” for the evening. These are being kept hush-hush, but we’re hoping for “Reggie Ledoux.”

You’ll then present a membership card bearing your moniker to SOE’s deli front for admission to see Madame Lulu’s delights in back.

They’re calling it a “speakeasy bordello,” populated with burlesque danseuses, jazzy chanteuses and green chartreuses.

Plus gypsy psychics, moustachioed piano men and a Dionysian repast of New Orleans grub and cocktails.

Remember your new identity — there’s a strong chance you may need it.

Ain’t it great when history comes to life?