Culture | July 8, 2014 9:00 am

Ice and Beans

By The Editors

Day like today calls for iced coffee. Buckets of iced coffee.

There’s the go-to-Starbucks method.

There’s the send-someone-to-Starbucks method.

And then there’s the delivery method, courtesy of Joyride Coffee, ready to kit out your office with high-quality iced joe on tap today.

First, let’s talk hardware: Joyride’s mud cooler is a double tap-handled, adjustable-temp box on wheels that plugs into any standard outlet. ‘Bout the size of a standard mini-fridge.

Contained within: the straight cold-brew dope, sourced from marquee roasters like Stumptown, Blue Bottle, Toby’s Estate and Intelligentsia.

Yet another reason Starbucks can kick rocks.

Joyride also covers those lunatics in your workplace still insisting on hot java: they deliver top-notch grounds and the machines to brew ‘em.

Hot or cold, all machines are regularly serviced by Joyride’s team as part of the deal. No hassles.

So go ahead — grab that bucket.

Nota bene: Not sold? Joyride will come hook up a tasting at your office free of charge. Trust us, totally worth it.