Getting Bizzy

They say casual acquaintances can refer the best business contacts, and hey, didn’t that work out great for the Winklevoss twins? Hmm. Find trusted connections, and do it through your already established business sources, with Intro.

A recently-launched iPhone app designed by a cabal of unrepentant ladder climbers, Intro uses geo-targeting and culls your LinkedIn network to suggest possible business contacts in your vicinity right this instant — making it the perfect networking app for conferences and large meetings.

Simply download the app and sign in with your LinkedIn account; Intro will then use smart tagging (geek-speak for “no typing required”) to let you create a Mad Libs-style profile: “I am in the ______ scene and work as a ______”.

Then, tell Intro what type of contact you’re on the hunt for: “I am looking for someone in the ______ scene, a ______”.

Intro then broadcasts your status. When the app finds possible connections, you can view those profiles, including who you know in common, and reach out to connect.

Because Intro’s a networking app and not meant for dating, you can’t message someone unless they’re nearby and they accept your offer to connect­­­. But once that happens, there’s nothing stopping you from getting down to, ahem, business.