Culture | August 18, 2014 9:00 am

Horse Code

By The Editors

Pro tip: an otherwise sharp ensemble can be undermined by one misplaced item.

Case in point: dress to the nines to ride a Citi Bike and you’ve effectively topped off a tuxedo with a clown hat.

You need transport befitting your station.

Enter the new bike collab from Kaufmann Mercantile and Brooklyn bikesmiths Horse Cycles, now available for custom order.

Kaufmann is the NY-based online emporium of all that is ruggedly dapper.

Horse is the Williamsburg workshop where Thomas Callahan lovingly crafts strikingly simple bikes to order.

Together they’ve pretty much crushed it. Seriously, loogit this fuggin’ thing.

Inspired by English cycles of the late 1800s, their City Cruiser’s a single-speed bang-around-town number that’ll turn heads.

Rock solid tempered steel coated in either deep forest green or cream enamel. Leather grips and saddle that are more vintage football than bicycle part.

Oh, and a weathered copper badge personalized just for you.

And while Horse bikes typically take up to six months to build, Callahan is expediting Kaufmann orders to be ready in just 3-4 weeks.

So get on it. Literally.