The iPhone Wallet Killer
By The Editors / March 15, 2012 9:00 am

It’s the era of digital consolidation: CDs to iTunes, family photos to the cloud, books to the Kindle. Yet your billfold’s so cluttered with different credit cards, it’s like Occupy Wallet Street.

Saving you from Zuccotti-in-your-pocket: Geode, a revolutionary iPhone case and companion app that digitally merges all your plastic into a secure, all-powerful supercard, now available for a $159 pledge on Kickstarter.

To use Geode, simply slip your iPhone into the sleek, protective case. Then, use the case’s swipe attachment to save all your credit / gift / loyalty / membership cards onto your phone.

When it comes time to pick up the check, use the app to select a card, and the info is instantly coded onto a removable “blank” card mounted on the back of the case.

This rewritable one-card-to-rule-them-all will “clone” any card you own, while an e-ink window at the back of the case displays scannable barcodes for your loyalty and rewards programs.

The entire system is secured by the case’s biometric fingerprint scanner (yes, seriously), which ensures that only you can access your info. And “Live Finger Detection” technology prevents the use of a hacked-off digit to activate the system.

Because God knows what lengths someone will go to for your Hooters frequent diner card.

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