Culture | January 11, 2017 9:00 am

Five New Fitness Dens For Avoiding Your Maxed-Out Gym Right Now

The resolution must live on!

If your gym is anything like every other gym in America right now, it’s mayhem.

Blame those intrepid resolutioners, perched astride every stationary bike and incline bench with nary a passing thought about rotation or good etiquette.

Good for them. Bad for your goals.

Luckily for you, we’ve got a line on five boutique fitness dens where the lines are short but the results are endless.

The FitCompany
Customized fitness and wellness programs overseen by fitness pro Juris Kupris.
Who it’s for: Bad self-motivators
Who it’s not for: Any man looking to meet a lass while working out
What you won’t find anywhere else: A level of personalization that’s more akin to suit tailoring than fitness regimens. FitCompany’s service allows you to browse, review and book peer-reviewed professionals, all for free.

An eclectic mix of classes — like a 14-in-14 metabolic assessment program that will help you drop 10+ pounds in two weeks — in a spankin’ new facility with a 25-meter saltwater pool.
Who it’s for: People who ate too much over the holidays.
Who it’s not for: Anyone scared to try something new
What you won’t find anywhere else: Holy Water. Think yoga flow on a paddleboard … but in a pool. Muscles you didn’t even know you had will be begging for mercy afterward.

Box + Flow
Yoga boxing. That’s pretty much all you need to know.
Who it’s for: Warrior-poet types.
Who it’s not for: People who enjoy being stressed
What you won’t find anywhere else: The best of both worlds. Strength meets flexibility meets right hooks, all in one place.

Intimate, 50-minute classes that combine cardio, strength training and Pilates.
Who it’s for: Any ex-varsity athlete who wants to get back on the court/field but doesn’t want to sustain a career-ending injury
Who it’s not for: Minimalists
What you won’t find anywhere else: Heavy results with low impact. Using the Megaformer machine, you’ll “strengthen, lengthen and tone.”

You guessed it: SoulCycle meets IMAX.
Who it’s for: People who think working out is boring
Who it’s not for: Luddites
What you won’t find anywhere else: Uh, that massive, hulking IMAX screen. Like no other cycling class in the game, the 50-person group will embark on “journeys” together, from peddling along the Hawaiian coast to jetting through the solar system.