Culture | September 24, 2014 9:00 am

Sex In Effect

By The Editors

Sex is a wonderful thing.

Sex, when repeated with the same person over many years, is somewhere between “wonderful thing” and “CSI reruns.”

Here to help you enjoy your sexual syndication: couples therapist Esther Perel and her new online workshop on how to have better sex with your longtime ladyfriend.

Esther is a sexpert.

World-renowned sexpert, actually.

The New York Times called her “rhapsodic.

She’s given advice to Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.

She speaks at Tony Robbins’s events.

Her TED Talk’s got more than five million views.

She even went head-to-head with Colbert.

And now she’s hosting four live online sessions to give you her refreshingly frank and honest counsel on moving into an “expansive and fully-charged sexuality.”

Which sounds, pardon the pun, f**king awesome.

Your parents’ sex advice this ain’t.

Esther covers everything from defining boundaries and fidelity in the new digital age (paging Congressman Weiner) to carrying work passion over into the bedroom.