Culture | August 15, 2014 9:00 am

This Bud’s for You

By The Editors

Eventually, every successful man expects things to be customized to his taste.

Made-to-measure shirt. Bespoke suit. Handmade brogues cobbled to his dogs’ dimensions.

So why do you put up with crappy earbuds?

Stop that. Go to Normal, now peddling custom headphones crafted specifically for your ear flaps in Flatiron.

Upon arrival, Normal snaps photos that are used to create a model of your ear.

Banks of 3D printers do the rest, machining pieces that’ll fit you and you only.

Each piece is lacquered with “soft touch coating.” Translation: optimal comfort.

Inside: quality-tested dynamic drivers delivering crisp stereo sound. Translation: optimal “Welcome to the Jungle.”

In under 48 hours (soon to be same day), they’re boxed up and messengered to you anywhere in the city.

Your correspondent put a pair to the test with a rigorous jogging session, resulting in nary a bud popping loose and InsideHook’s August playlist delivered in dulcet tones.


Nota bene: Unable to make it down to Normal’s storefront? Fret not – you can actually have a pair crafted for you remotely via their app. Happy listening.