DO NOT tell your date about this date

“You’ve got to surprise and delight your audience.”

True for effective marketing campaigns.

True for effective dating campaigns.

The surest-fire way to surprise and delight a lady in NYC at the moment:

Drifting in Daylight, the new immersive art installation that takes the simple Central Park stroll and turns it up to Jane Austen levels, now running Fridays and Saturdays for one month only.

Here’s how you do it: propose a late afternoon walk in the park. Chances are she’ll not be overwhelmed by the creativity of this suggestion. But play it cool, man.

Forge ahead to enter at the park’s northeast corner. Her first clue that all is not typical: a replica of a 1930s Icelandic fishing vessel conveying a brass sextet around the Harlem Meer serenading her from the water.

From there, move south along the park’s eastern edge, stopping at the truck dishing out pastel soft-serve inspired by the colors of Central Park’s sunsets. Note: strolling with ice cream has been scientifically proven as superior to doing so without.

From there, pick a direction: throughout the park’s trails you’ll find costumed dance troupes, hip-hop musicians under cover of a “parachute turned revival tent” and actors re-creating iconic Central Park scenes from films like The Royal Tenenbaums.

Surprise? Check. Delight? Check.

Nota bene: Post-amble, head down to the newly opened uptown outpost of Han Dynasty for dinner. None of the E. Village wait, all of the wildly popular Sichuan grub.


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