Culture | July 15, 2016 9:00 am

The One Dinner Party You Don’t Want To Miss

You, us, 10 courses and a whole lotta beer

So we were gonna take you to Austria.

Then we decided coordinating all of your schedules would be a nightmare.

So instead we’re bringing Austria to Alphabet City.

The occasion: Bites of Knowledge, a new dinner series in cahoots with General Assembly and Tasting Collective. RSVP here.

For the premier affair, we’ll be taking over Edi & the Wolf, an East Side eatery inspired by Heurigers, the neighborhood wine taverns that reside on just about every street corner in Austria.

In store: a coterie of the best and brightest entrepreneurs, creatives and foodies in New York City, all saddling up for a 10-dish feast presided over by Chefs Eduard “Edi” Frauneder and Wolfgang “The Wolf” Ban, the duo behind the Michelin-starred Weinbar. On the menu, you’ll find surefire selects like E & W’s Baby Back Ribs with honey, beer glaze and bacon slaw, pork schnitzel with lingonberry jam and, of course, spaetzle.

Throughout the Night, the chefs will be sharing their expertise on Austrian ingredients, the origins of their recipes and proper stein etiquette (rule no. 1: they must be empty before the end of the night).

Scout’s honor — we have exceptional table manners.

So join us for a damn gut time.