Design of the Times

They say “home is where the heart is,” but with a limited amount of decorating wherewithal, it’s more like “home is where I’m still sitting on my couch from ten years ago” or “home is where I grossly overpaid a designer to create a French museum I barely recognize.”

Get a place that embodies your personality, and without paying through the nose, with HomePolish, a new NYC design company that employs hungry young turks moonlighting from top firms to create handsome, personalized homes and offices for less.

homepolish 2

To pimp your pad, just sign up online with your email, address, and short description of your place to schedule a $50, 50-minute consultation. HomePolish’s designers analyze everything from your favorite knicknacks collected over the years to your clothing and music tastes – less than an hour later, you’ve got a comprehensive plan for your space based on your personal style, from layout to color to art choices and furniture.

homepolish 3

HomePolish then has three time-based packages to execute the plan, complete with in-house contractors, painters, framing services, and custom furniture makers. Or you can just keep the dossier for a DIY approach, or a bit of both.

Plus, they’re offering 25% off on the consult if you book by Friday with “InsideHook” in the “Tell us about your home” field.

Consider them your design homeboys.