Burrata, Burlesque and a Bar Called “Boudoir”

Those with heart conditions: please consult your doctor before reading this.

Because this is an evening that just might break the Kelvin scale.

On the agenda: a sultry jazz serenade over French fare, burlesque, fire-breathers and sequined ladies dangling from the ceiling. Top it off with a new underground speakeasy that goes by the name of Boudoir, and you just might end up in your date’s.

Loosen tie. Grab a gal. It’s time to live a little.

DINNER – Le Fanfare

Subtly hip and highly intimate, Le Fanfare delivers on all fronts: atmosphere, fare and entertainment. The homemade foccacia and burrata are so divine it’s borderline problematic (for your cholesterol, at least). The spaghetti neri: unforgettable. Relax with a little red and enjoy a live jazz serenade coming from the small stage in the back.

SINNER – House of Yes

You’ve been warned: bring your defibrillator. House of Yes is a mecca for overwhelming the senses. Among what you may encounter: fire breathers, six-piece brass bands, burlesque, aerial expertise, nipple tassles and perhaps even a human candelabra. Upcoming recommends: Circus Revue: The WTF! Edition and House of Deveraux’s Sploitation, celebrating some “badass bronzed babes” with names like Poison Ivy, Evelyn Vinyl and Qualms Galore.

WINNER – Boudoir

This new Marie Antoinette-inspired haunt is tucked away in the basement of BK bistro Chez Moi. It’s said that in the Palace of Versailles, her boudoir was accessible only through a secret passageway hidden by a bookshelf. That hideaway is recreated here, the result of the founders knocking down a few brick walls to discover two previously untouched rooms. The cocktails, conceptualized by Franky Marshall, formerly of the Dead Rabbit and Clover Club, will catapult any couple into a “let’s fog up the windows” state of mind. Of note: the “Guillotine” and the “1793” — an absinthe and chili liqueur number.