Bitters + Bottles
By The Editors / February 19, 2014 9:00 am

So recently we told you about an app that delivers alcohol locally. Tres convenient.

But got us thinking: for some fellas, navigating the labyrinthine world of hooch — especially if you want to build an impeccable home bar — requires more than just bottle delivery.

So for that, we’d like to introduce Bitters + Bottles, a just-launched Golden State concern now shipping quality spirits (and the mixology know-how to go with them) to New York imbibers.

B+B knows the aforementioned home bar isn’t built in one fell swoop. Their solution: subscribe for monthly deliveries and flesh it out over time.

Each month you’ll get at least one premium base spirit (month one: Buffalo Trace bourbon) along with all the attendant bitters, mixers, etc. to craft five classic cocktails — recipes included, natch.

Before you know it, you’re boasting a murderers’ row of high-end firewater and a Brian Brown-ian knowledge of the cocktail arts.

Looking for the bottled heat and naught else? The spirits-only subscription should suit you nicely. And should you need libation makin’ hardware, B+B’s got you covered there as well.

Now go forth and wreak beverages.