Culture | September 16, 2016 9:00 am

Weekend in Preview: Sept. 16-18

Heavy machinery, food trucks and Cadillacs. Let’s go.

Best part of being an adult: there’s no one to tell you “No.”

And we know seven wonderful ways for you to take advantage of that fact between now and Monday.

Here’s your weekend, in preview

Oktoberfest: Obviously. When the behemoth of hops descends upon the city, we humor them. If not to build palate, then to build character. And forget not that there are a slew of fine happenings going down beyond the proper event itself. Best to go by the buddy system for this one.

Diggerland: We at InsideHook would like to formally apologize for not bringing this to your attention sooner. Yes, this “amusement park” is in New Jersey, but they let you play with construction equipment. Fair to say someone must’ve had our number.

Richard Avedon at the Cadillac House: Got a hot date? If so, there’s simply no other choice. Aside from the coffee, matcha and the Caddies, Visionaire mag has struck gold again in the House’s exhibition space, with never-before-seen videos from cherished icon Richard Avedon. A legendary style disrupter, the exhibit is an homage to the city’s wild, sui generis ways, and it’s your obligation as a NYer to check ito ut.

The Joy of Sake: If the one thing you know about sake is that it is the sneakiest of all the strong spirits, you’re not alone. Here’s your chance to find out the intricacies of why.

Vendy Awards: The best of NYC’s food trucks. One place. One day. You eat, you vote, everyone wins.

The VNYL: It means “Vintage New York Lifestyle” because everything has to mean something now. It’s a new club, it’s four stories, and it’s full of beautiful people between the glassy hours of 12 and 4 AM.

Mister Sunday: If you didn’t already know, consider this your invite. Should you have such an epic weekend that you feel it needs to continue right up to the very end, here is your treasure map. All like-minded folk of folly can be found gathering at this epic day party in Brooklyn, which is winding toward a close for the 2016 season.