Five Out-of-the-Box Client Outings to Help You Close the Deal

Everyone meets clients for drinks.

You want to be everyone? Hell no.

You want to be the fella who took them to a spa fit for the royal family. Or a kickboxing match. Or — no judgments — a clothes-optional, adults-only “party.”

Whatever your specific use case, here are five destinations that will greatly increase your chances of convincing them to sign their name on the line which is dotted.

For the client who wants to sign it in blood: GLORY kickboxing
On Friday, July 14th, some of the top martial artists on the planet are coming to MSG to kick the stuffing out of each other. It’s been four lame years since they visited our city last, and now they’re ready to rumble. Sure, you could settle in somewhere and watch on ESPN or garner yourself a UFC Fight Pass, but you could also watch from the proverbial sh*t.

For the client who loves the smell of burnt rubber in the morning: the Monticello Motorway Drive Experience
Every decent country club has a driving range. This one, however, comes with no speed limits. No experience needed, you’ll be given plenty of coaching and instruction before taking to the track to rally for a day of unadulterated, adrenaline-fueled mayhem.

For the client who loves the smell of worn felt in the evening: VIP at the U.S. Open
The U.S. Open is more than a tennis tournament: it’s New York’s greatest annual ode to sport, a see-and-be-seen affair where tennis whites are replaced by stilettos and black jeans, with dining options and cocktail tents galore. Book a luxe suite during an evening session at Arthur Ashe Stadium for a truly elevated experience. Don’t sleep on these reservations, though: they tend to go lightning fast.

For the client who needs to work out some kinks: Premier 57
After over a year of renovations, one of the city’s best go-tos for a steam and soak (plus cocktails) is back. The newly reopened space boasts 40,000 square feet of luxury, from 14 hydrotherapy pools to a little something called Sauna Valley. Also on site: infrared zones, soaking baths and —hey, pull out out the stops — massage.

For the client who needs to work out some kink: The NSFW Snctm Party
Where “let’s open the kimonos” goes literal. This California-based operation hosts the crème de la crème of adults-only sensual parties, and it’s coming to N.Y. for one night only. You need to apply. And the meek need not. Trust.