Culture | September 22, 2014 9:00 am

Spruce Banner

By The Editors

So, remember that floating coffee table?

Well, gentlemen, your correspondent never thought he would hear himself say this, but …

We’ve got another one to tell you about.

Yes, another floating coffee table. Yes, it is equally awesome.

It’s the product of expert woodcarvers Banner Furniture, a husband-and-wife operation churning out apartment-envy-inducing pieces in Greenpoint, now taking custom orders.

The Banners (Alex and Tina, no Bruce) started out doing bespoke cabinetry jobs across the city. Recently, they formed an offshoot tooling made-to-order movables that deftly combine geometric modernism and rugged finishes.

Two collections here, carved from Tri-State woods and featuring gonzo treatments like sandblasting (brings out the texture) and a homemade oxidizing formula distilled from vinegar and steel wool (turns walnut jet black).

In the words of The Dude, pieces that really tie the room together.

Like the aforementioned floating table, whose grainy surface seems to float via cleverly hidden joinery.

Or a chair that defies gravity. Or the home bar to carry you through winter with boozy aplomb. Hard to go wrong.

Call it a Banner year for your living room.