Culture | January 5, 2015 9:00 am

Butlers. Butlers on Demand.

Meet Alfred. Your new personal minion.

By The Editors

Every man needs a butler.

But not every man lives in a mansion.

So that’s why there’s Alfred.

Just launched in NYC, Alfred proffers twice-weekly personal minions to take care of your basic life BS so you can get back to the more important stuff. Like fancy Chinese food and solid-gold saunas.

How it works: pay $99 a month, get an Alfred. Your Alfred gets a set of your keys and susses out your needs. (Don’t worry about the keys — every Alfred is thoroughly vetted.)

Your correspondent’s needs included cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, having pants hemmed and tracking down a quality bottle of Cabernet Franc for under fifteen bucks, among other things.

Alfred nailed it.

A tidy abode with comestibles purchased and pantried. Clean clothes folded and hung in the closet. Pants of perfect length. And the aforementioned Cab, with a nice note to boot.

Over time, Alfred learns your preferences, running dutifully in the background while you attend to more pressing matters.

Enjoy your new butler.