Culture | June 28, 2016 9:00 am

We’ve Planned the Sexiest Night in San Francisco For You

Burlesque and wine and no picnics because ants aren’t sexy

Go on enough first dates and you’ve probably got a plan down pat. Same goes with second dates.

But what about the special nights, with special someones? Those require a little extra effort. And we’ve got you covered.

On the docket: the city’s most romantic hotel and its premier dining room. But it’s the part in the middle (think: tassels) we think you’ll like best.

The Flowers
Roses can be creepy. Skip them. Also avoid anything that looks like it came from Safeway. If your girl loves romance, go with EOTHEN; if she’s more clean-cut, order a bouquet from Farmgirl.

The Present
Some women like receiving lingerie as a present — if yours does, find her something at Alla Prima, masters of fit and function. If yours doesn’t, consider instead something gold or sparkly from No. 3.

The Meal
It wasn’t by accident that Dominique Crenn’s Petit Crenn wound up on GQ’s 2016 best-of list; where else to go for oysters, Champagne, French romance and a Michelin-blessed menu on Hayes Street? Grab your seats on Resy. There are only two seatings a night; opt for the 6 P.M.

The Show
When it comes to burlesque, she’s gonna want something a little saucier than sad live porn. You’ll get the former with the brand new Misfit Cabaret, which brings Whimsea to Chinatown mid-month. Buy tickets now.  

The Hotel
Somewhere along the way, booking a hotel in your hometown became a “staycation.” This is not that: this is romance away from the chaos of home. Two choices: If your girl is wowed by excess, you want the Four Seasons, which still has the best staff in town; if she prefers something homier, you want the Petite Auberge, which helpfully supplies a romance package.