TORC in the Road

You did it, my man. Another Christmas to remember.

Now that the dust has settled and the city’s retail exchange lines are all atwitter, we suggest grabbing your special somebody and getting the hell out of Dodge.

Destination: Napa.

Justification: the drive-worthy eats of newcomer foodie-magnet TORC.

The first solo outing of Quince vet and longstanding Napa resident Sean O’Toole, TORC is a paean to contemporary California cuisine.

Go for the dungeness crab with Buddha’s hand and avocado or the heritage pork with cheddar grits and collards.

The roast chicken for two is also a showstopper.

And seeing as it’s Napa, wine plays a hefty role beneath TORC’s thirty-foot-high exposed beam ceiling, with eighty bottles on offer from respected vintners along with a meticulously edited list of glasses.

Finish things out with the citrus-praline tart — smoked ganache beats chocolate any day.

For the win, post up at Milliken Creek Inn (they of the riverside spa and daily wine tastings) and make a weekend of it.

Because you earned it.

And because you can return an ugly sweater any old time.