Culture | October 26, 2016 9:00 am

This Might Be the Most Function-Minded Bag We’ve Ever Seen

Here's your backpack for taking over the world.

We’re longtime fans of the take-on-the-world bags from Mission Street brand Barracuda. Or, as we like to call them, tiny offices on wheels.

And now, they bring us their take on the backpack

It can do everything for you but convert food into energy.  Otherwise, it might be the most function-forward bag we’ve ever seen.

Let’s compare it to that Fjällraven all the kids are wearing. 

Can that bag let you know if you’re walking around with it open? Recharge your devices wirelessly? Protect your stuff with RFID-protective pockets?  Give you the security of Push-2 Lock? Offer a mount for your camera, for impromptu selfie-taking? (“No more awkward selfies,” Barracuda promises. This, unfortunately, is untrue, as selfies are inherently awkward.) 

Can that bag actually balance itself?

Buy this bag, and you can run a business from a train station. Or a bus station. Preferably at a National Park.

Or a ferry dock … ideally in Thailand.

Nomad workers. Commuters. Anyone who has to carry more than his pockets will fit: This bag’s for you.