Third Rail

Kale. Sprouts. Ramps.

They have their place, we’re told, but that place won’t be your stomach.

Instead, you’re going to Third Rail, the swanky, train station-themed newcomer to The Dogpatch from the team behind Range, open now.

On tap: hard beverages and house-dried, churched-up jerky for the steel-driving man.

We’re not talking Jerky Links. This is the Big Leagues, with best-of-breed beef, pork and – yes – even vegetarian offerings.

And since this may be your first pinkies-out jerky experience, we recommend these pairings — because jerky pairings are a thing now.

• Team the standout Jerk Jerky (beef, cloves and Scotch bonnet peppers) with the Cloven Hoof, a rummy offering with armagnac and madeira.

• For the bittersweet, temper the chile ‘n’ coffee-infused Red Eye jerky with a smoky Vodka and pomegranate Sweet Thang.

• Beer? Go Belgian, with Red Barn Ale, on tap from the the SoCal brewers at Lost Abbey. It plays perfectly with the Landjagger — pork, beef and mustard seed to set that saison off in style.

So gnash away, hombre. Incisors and canines, only, though.

No greens on this plate.