A Smarter Way to Buy Your Gadgets

Your correspondent once waited five hours for the cable guy to show up.

His prognosis: “I’ve gotta come back and go over the roof.”

He never showed for the follow-up. Three years later: still no cable.

The reason we’re not sweating it: Enjoy, a new they-come-to-you installation service from Apple vet Ron Johnson.

Enjoy can’t fix your Time Warner problem. But they can make purchasing other electronics far less painful.

Here’s how it works: buy a new gadget on Enjoy — GoPros, Sonos systems, Xbox Ones, etc. Here’s the full list.

(Expect inventory to grow. AT&T phones come online in a week.)

At no additional cost, a “personal expert” will meet you where and whenever you like and show you all it has to offer.

Gadget in hand, you’ll get a full tour of your new gear and a tutor to answer all your questions.

You can even have an expert swing by and offer a tutorial on stuff you (or, say, your parents) already own for a flat $99 fee.

The part that really got us?

No four-hour windows here for the expert appointment — pick a time and the expert will be there.

And no trips over the roof, ever. 

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