By The Editors / April 29, 2015 9:00 am

Leave the wink-wink Venmo transfers and behind-the-bleachers handoffs to the collegiate set.

Adults in the Bay now have a better way to buy bud: a new delivery app called GreenRush.

Background: weed-friendly startup cats have long seen California’s legal green industry as overly complicated.

There’s the doctor’s note. The garish tie-dye packaging. That guy who used to work at your gym smirking at you from behind the counter.

GreenRush founder Paul Warshaw decided he could do better.

With his operation, you’re buying directly from — and supporting — your dispensary of choice. You want that same Purple Haze you once picked up on from that spot around the corner from the office? It’s yours.

And with a couple clicks, you can choose products from multiple dispensaries — so if you like one shop’s pot kale chips but prefer a different one’s herbal cake pops, no problem.

You won’t find that with competing apps.

Plus: sign-up is a snap and you’ve only got to verify your credentials one time.

Then it’s browse, order, pay and kick up your feet till the delivery arrives.

We say give it a go.

And that’s the straight dope.