The Most Beautiful Knives You’re Ever Gonna See
By The Editors / November 10, 2015 9:00 am

Contrary to popular belief, the bedrock upon which great kitchens are built is not the microwave, refrigerator or cabinet where you keep enough plastic bags to build a plastic-bag ladder from here to Bangkok.

It is the chef’s knife.

And Drew Hash — an actual chef by trade — makes handsome, functional, really sharp chef’s knives.

You’ve probably already eaten food that came out of a Drew Hash kitchen: he’s worked at Hawthorne Lane, Boulevard and Spruce. More recently, the culinary auto-didact has been working as a private chef in Silicon Valley.

When not feeding tech titans, though, he’s in his studio in Potrero Hill making top-shelf cutlery.

Hash’s Facebook page reveals a beguiling peek into his process and materials, from gorgeously variegated redwood burl to California buckeye to blue/green-dyed tiger-striped maple.  The blades are generally made from stainless AEB-L steel or high-carbon 1084 steel.

One look and you’re going to want one of these knives even if you’ve never so much as fileted a hot dog, trust.

As you’d expect from a one-man shop, availability is limited. 

Good knives come to men who wait — in this case, about six months, following the issuance of a $200 deposit for a custom piece. You can choose from paring knives (three-to-six-inch blade), or larger chef’s knives (10-inch blade).

Or buy one of the few that are currently available.

There’s aren’t many. But there’s this

Get it before it’s gone.