Culture | August 7, 2014 9:00 am

Shoal Cycle

By The Editors

Walking on water: totally something that deities do.

Cycling on water: totally something that dudes from Silicon Valley would do, via the Schiller X1 water bike, now on sale.

Check your doubt.

Field tested on the Bay and the Hudson River by company founder Judah Schiller, the X1 sports oscillating propellers controlled from the handlebars.

No rudders needed.

Fancy gearing makes for the strongest pedal power conversion you’ll find on the water — apologies to the fine paddleboats of Stow Lake.

Pontoons deflate for easy transpo.

Check it out for yourself on the 15th at South Lake Tahoe for a demonstration and test ride if you’re of little faith.

If you’re already a believer, just snag one before the floodgates open.

It’s a hefty tithe, but lord knows you can’t take it with you.