Culture | April 21, 2017 9:00 am

This Ice Cream Is So Good We Built an Entire Date Night Around It

Salted honey marshmallow and walnuts, anyone?

Even in a climate with variable weather, ice cream is a godsend.

Especially on a date. Well, even by yourself. But especially on a date. 

Which is why we’ve built a rather terrific night out based one a rather singular ice cream opening: the brand-new Salt & Straw in Pac Heights.  

Salted honey marshmallow and walnuts, anyone? Or honey lavender? Sea salt with caramel ribbons?  And those are just a small selection of the classic flavors. From the five-flavor limited-edition menu: Cascara Shrub with Candied Hibiscus. Cinnamon Ancho & Cajeta. Green Apple Mayo Sherbet. We could go on. 

Ice cream aficionadoes know that Salt & Straw is not a born-in-S.F. enterprise: it advertises itself as, rather, “Fresh Made Ice Cream in Portland [bad enough] and LA [worse].”

We’ll make an exception, though, for Salt & Straw. It’s really that good. 

As for the rest of your night, we’re going to keep it simple. 

Do you like to follow your $325 Michelin-starred meal with ice cream? We do. Your mileage may vary. If you’re near us, Atelier Crenn is nine blocks down Fillmore Street. If you’re not, allow us to recommend Charles Phan’s OTD (Out the Door: Bush Street Edition). 

Then, take a walk to the Marina. Maybe make a point of heading down Billionaire’s Row, for a look at S.F.’s most expensive houses. We say: Forget about going home. Just book into the Hotel del Sol

A better night in the Marina will be hard to come by. 

But really: It’s all about the ice cream. 

(And the date.)