Culture | September 9, 2014 9:00 am

Ankle Righter

RunScribe: helps you run better. Lots better.

By The Editors


A method of terrestrial locomotion whereby we prevent ourselves, however temporarily, from being fat.

But to run well! And without injury! For that, you need RunScribe.

Birthed in S.F. by a biomechanist and a video game peripheral designer, RunScribe is a wearable that attaches to your shoe.

Yes, it tracks distance. And steps. And speed.

But RunScribe also helps you compare your performance across different shoes.

Fact is most running injuries are the result of form, and the right sneakers can go a long way toward preventing them.

Other fact is their infographics and stats look super cool. We suggest taking a closer look.

RunScribe’s fully backed on Kickstarter and starts shipping soon.

Go run and get one.