Culture | September 8, 2014 9:00 am

Breaking Bread

By The Editors

A truly memorable meal requires two ingredients.

Good food (naturally) and good conversation.

You’ll find both at Dinner, a first of its kind pop-up, um, dinner presented by the mavens of memorable ephemera at Pop-Up Magazine.

On the table: a one-time-only menu produced in collaboration with cookbook author and notoriously talented chef Samin Nosrat (Tartine Afterhours and Chez Panisse) at a secret East Bay location on Wednesday, September 24th.

Besides your date and a handful of other lucky attendees, your tablemates will include storytellers, filmmakers, radio producers and more, each taking the floor to present remarkable tales and performances throughout the evening.

So much for awkward small talk.

As with past Pop-Up Mag events, the talent will be on point, the production will be impeccable and there will be no recordings or repeats.

Unlike past events, however, they’re skipping the whole tickets-selling-out-in-five-seconds nonsense and introducing chance with a lottery. Drop your name in the hat by tomorrow, and you’ll know by Wednesday if you’ve made the list.

Then you pay your way.

Because a meal this memorable doesn’t come cheap.