Culture | May 11, 2015 9:00 am

Meet the World’s Smartest Piece of Luggage.

Currently being Kickstarted

By The Editors

When can a piece of luggage actually make you better?

When it’s a USB-charging, laptop-tray slinging, location-tracking, totally collapsible wunder-bag.

Currently approaching the $700K mark on Kickstarter and sporting all the above: The Barracuda, the most technically proficient bag on (er, almost on) the market.

Created by a design and engineering team based in San Francisco, this bag was made to satisfy the SFO super-commuter.

No more searching for electrical outlets or portable power — this bag’s got a built-in USB charger.

No more searching for the bag itself — courtesy of the self-locating GSM-GPRS tracking and proximity sensors.

No more taking up valuable lap space with your computer — ‘Cuda’s got a fold-out tray that doubles as a desk on the go.

And no more pulling your bag out of the overhead and flipping it open on the airplane aisle to dig something out (not that we’ve ever done that) thanks to an easy-open top-flap.

Even without the tech refinements, the bag deserves kudos for its ergonomic handle and collapsible design, which make stowing it in a small space super-easy.

A+ for buyer and maker alike. 

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