Culture | January 6, 2017 9:00 am

Get Next-Level Fit With Our Favorite Trainer in S.F.

Plus, the trainers he trusts to work him out.

Fitness resolutions:

Most people suck at them. 

But this year — with sufficient gumption and intel — you can use them to go totally next-level. 

The gumption’s on you. Here’s the intel: straight from the mouth of Jamel Ramiro, our favorite trainer in S.F., who’s launching a four-day-a-week boot camp that’ll kick your ass while treating your wallet kindly: maintain regular attendance, and your cost-per-class will be under $10(!).

Below, Jamel’s thoughts on making good on your fitness resolutions — plus the trainers he trusts to work him out.

Personal training
Alison Corcoran of Goldilock’s Training is my go-to when this trainer (me) needs a trainer. Not only have I had the pleasure to work alongside her, but I’ve also had my ass handed to me on more than one occassion in her classes. Don’t let her innocent face fool you — her classes are really tough. They make sense, and they’re safe. She has great attention to detail and can work with you even if you have prior injuries. Her commitment to proper form and programming knowlege make her my choice of trainers to train with when I want something tough, but safe and effective.

Hank Frost of FrostFit is my go-to boxing coach. Not only does he have a strong foundation for training and movement, but his boxing training is on point compared to other coaches I’ve worked with. Foundation, fundamentals and his passion for the sweet science are what make Hank’s boxing second to none. He pushes you hard, but doesn’t let you get sloppy while doing so. 

Mobility, rehab and performance movement
Jae Yee and Tiffany Sippel of J Bodyworks are my go-to when I need to work on my mobility or have movement restrictions due to injury. Training consistently at a high level can often times stiffen up muscles and put a major toll on mobility. When this happens, I reach out to Jae, a Z-Health Master Trainer, to help me regain mobility and to alleviate movement compensations. He is also my number one when it comes to working through injury, whether for myself or my clients. When I’m learning different movement patterns I’m not used to, I reach out to Tif. She does a phenomenal job coaching me through these performance movement patterns in a creative, fun and informative way. She also prepares really challenging workouts that are really fun, which makes the time fly by quick.

Kettlebells and sandbag specialty training
Benji Simonton is an expert in both modalities and really pushes me to go even harder. As a strength coach, his philosophy is training for lean muscle mass and joint mobility. Everything else is secondary. His workouts are safe, effective and really challenging.

We love resolutions but we suck at them. How can we get better?
In my opinion, the number one reason fitness resolutions fail is because of mindset. We live in a world of instant gratification, and health and fitness do not fit in this box. There is no quick fix to your health or fitness. You have to start out with a commitment to yourself, not to a restrictive diet that may get you to your fitness goals temporarily. The only way a fitness resolution will last is if you commit to a lifestyle change. Your mind, body and spirit should be in alignment when it comes to staying healthy. This means if you eat well, you’ll move well. And if you move well, you’ll look and feel much better. Remember, it takes 21 days to create a new habit. 

So how do we get around this? 
Most important: have fun! A few tips to keep the motivation up: Set daily reminders. Reap the benefits of a morning workout. You’ll have more energy to tackle your day. Evening workout commitments are harder, especially after a long day of work. Never underestimate the power of sleep. It’s essential to finding your rhythm. Change things up so you’re not bored and elevate your heart rate doing something fun. Children tire themselves from play. Adults need to relearn how to play and have fun. It’s the easiest way to shed the pounds. Lastly, reward yourself. Just don’t go overboard.

You offer a boot camp. What’s it like? 
Whether you’re a novice, a weekend warrior or athlete, expect to be appropriately challenged safely, but effectively.  Also, expect to sweat! You’ll perform movements you rarely see, which can be both fun and challenging no matter your skill level. You will work harder than you’re used to, especially because you’ll train barefoot. You’ll quickly learn that you have more in you than you thought you did.