Culture | August 15, 2014 9:00 am

Fowl Ball

By The Editors

It’s one thing to preach the gospel of sustainable, seasonal grubbing.

But it’s outright challenging to live it, what with that Whole Foods Fromagerie and their diabolical tiny cheese courtesans lurking just around the corner.

Rising to that challenge: Bay Area forager, hunter, James Beard Award-winner and all around frontiersman Hank Shaw and his one-night-only dinner, now taking reservations.

On offer: an afternoon of skeet shooting at the Pacific Rod and Gun Club and a menu of eats so fresh that Mr. Shaw and his kitchenmates can’t outline the particulars until the day’s within tracking distance.

Sweetening the pot: Shaw’s teamed up with the like-minded hunter-gatherer-chefs of Stag Dining Group, and the proceeds go to the California Waterfowl Association.

Rest assured, there will be unforgettable meat.

There will be an auction of rare wines, shotguns and hunting trips.

And there will be only sixty seats.

Whole thing supports the CWA’s mission of wetlands protection and waterfowl proliferation — sorry, landfowl, hold your hats out elsewhere.

With spaces this limited, we advise acting quickly on your principles.