Guideboat Co.

Boats — the saying goes — like whiskey, are all good.

The latest proof: Guideboat Company, Bay Area makers of sublime Cali-crafted vessels, taking orders now.

Now open in the Mill Valley Lumberyard, Guideboat’s flagship store is two parts showroom, one part outfitter.

In the main space: their vessels.

Like the Adirondack Guideboat, modeled precisely after J.H. Rushton’s rare, turn-of-the-century design.

Or the cherry-trimmed Peapod, a stable little fella from the 19th century, built for the lobsterman and his standing ways.

And the sporty Sabot, a mid-century Californian creation perfect for sailing, trolling or rowing — whatever your mood.

Boats aside, the space is brimming with excellent gear, from Stutterheim raincoats to quilted Filson waistcoats to deck jackets by Spiewak & Sons.

And for the purist, Guideboat’s second showroom houses a fine collection of meticulously restored classic canoes.

In which to enjoy some meticulously crafted whiskey.