Culture | June 14, 2018 9:00 am

Five Bay Area Homes With (a Lot of) Room for Outdoor Activities

Looking for 80 acres, a vineyard and a 100-car garage?

This is The Listings, a monthly rundown (with pictures!) of some of the most over-the-top properties currently on sale in or about this fair(ish) city.

So you’ve completed the studio-1BR-2BR evolution. (There might’ve even been a cupboard under the stairs in there at some point.)

Now you’re thinking: Sure would be nice to get me some land.

Maybe a little 80-acre estate a quick drive from Napa, with a 63-acre vineyard and 100-car garage?

We’ve got that, along with four more Bay Area spots with some serious room for outdoor activities — including a 100-acre parcel that’s probably cheaper than your current situation.

villa de madre (4 images)

Property: Villa de Madre
Space: 80 acres
Price: $12 million
Location: Fairfield (Solano County)
Standout features: A 63-acre vineyard, plus three car barns with room with 100 cars. (The previous owner was Willis Johnson, founder of Copart, the auto auction company, so it’s not entirely random.)
Added bonus: There’s an entirely separate four-bedroom house on the same property.

sea dragon (5 images)

Property: Sea Dragon
Space: 18 acres
Price: $9.5 million
Location: Bolinas
Standout features: The rough-hewn timber living the double-height rooms, with wrap-around windows. Plus an art studio. Plus a caretaker’s home. Plus a pond. Plus a barn.
Added bonus: Did we mention it overlooks the West Marin coastline?

rose (6 images)

Property: Villa Mille Rose at 7900 Money Road (really)
Space: 19 acres
Price: $25 million
Location: Oakville (Napa County)
Standout features: So you wanted to jump right into the Napa big leagues? Here you go: You’ll get 6.5 acres of vineyards, Italian-style gardens, and not one but two types of orchards: one with 100-plus fruit trees, the other a two-acre Gold Medal olive orchard.
Added bonus: There’s a curving walkway over a ginmormous pool.

sisters (4 images)

Property: Twin Sisters Road
Space: 162(!) acres
Price: $1.5 million
Location: Fairfield (Solano County)
Standout features: Spend a little (money), get a lot (of land)? This just-listed lot doesn’t come with a house. You can pitch a tent, for all that land—or live in the clubhouse of the previous owner, the Solano Gun Club. Isn’t this why they make tiny homes?
Added bonus: You can see all the way to the Sierras.

mariposa (2 images)

Property: 117 Cotton Creek Road
Space: 117 acres
Price: $254,000
Location: Mariposa (Mariposa County)
Standout features: How far out are you willing to go to have your own little heaven? Marauding local critters include “Abundant Turkey & Deer; occasionally Wild Hogs.”
Added bonus: You’ll own waterfalls.