Culture | July 30, 2014 9:00 am

Best Buds

By The Editors

Here in App Boomtown, you can get anything from a basket of kittens to a bottle of Laphroaig delivered in the time it takes to fistbump a Lyft driver.

Delivery services ain’t nothin’ new.

Unless you’re talking medical marijuana delivery, which is what we talk about when we talk about Eaze.

Launched yesterday. Delivering now. Less than twenty minutes door-to-door.

It’s pretty simple. Eaze has relationships with dispensaries and growers, and they’ve got the tech under their hood to establish the veracity of your prescription in a fraction of the time it takes face-to-face.

Fill out your pertinents. Pick your meds from the menu (edibles included). Sit back and wait for their background-checked “caregiver” to swing by with your order.

And it’s all on the up and up. You can even rate your driver.

Service is limited to SF proper at present, but expect it to expand to the greater Bay Area and statewide with a quickness.

You green? Yeah. Supergreen.