Culture | April 14, 2017 9:00 am

This Is Truly Elite-Level Home Coffee Preparation

Conceived in SF. Handmade in Seoul. And affordable.

Everybody wants the perfect cup of coffee.

But few people know how to make it better than Nicholas Cho, co-founder of Wrecking Ball

When he launches a jave-related product, we pay attention — which is why today, we bring news of his one crucial coffee-making implement. And it’s cheap: $40 for early-bird delivery

It’s called the December Dripper.

Pro-level drinkers, some details. Cho and his Seoul-based partner were inspired by flat-bottomed commercial brewers like the Kalita Wave (in fact, the December Dripper uses Kalita filters). But their dripper has something special: a flat bottom with a 12-hole variable aperture. This allows even mixing (of water and coffee) and control of the speed and flow rate. (This is also aided with the addition of a pouring kettle — not included, not required, but advised.) 

This is no coffee-category vaporware: it’s already in production and available commercially in South Korea, where each piece is individually handcrafted by metalworkers. 

Enthusiasts will find even more details here

Consider it a #holygrailkickstarter for 2017.