Is Circadia the Tech Startup That Will Finally Deliver a Good Night’s Sleep?
By Diane Rommel / June 9, 2017 9:00 am

Sleep is the liquid gold of the 21st century. 

But there are maps to gold. A good night’s sleep? That’s more elusive. 

Which is why we’re testing this out: a new trio of gadgets (including a portable light-therapy lamp) designed to help you find it. 

This is Circadia

Circadia comprises three elements: a contactless sleep tracker, a portable light-therapy lamp and the app — with an algorithm — that puts it all together. 

Mount the sleep tracker within eight feet of your sleep space. It’ll analyze not only your body movement, but also the humidity, brightness, noise and temperature — all big factors in determining the quality of sleep.

The lamp, meanwhile, will adjust its quality of light to nudge you toward your ideal circadian rhythm, whether that means mimicking dusk at power-down time or boosting energy during a sleepy afternoon. The lamp is also pocket-sized, which means it’s easy to travel with and engineered to battle jetlag. 

We look forward to the ship date — and in the meantime, a few more local folks scheming to improve our sleep: 

  • Attach Sense’s Sleep Pill to your pillow and it’ll let you know how well you did (or didn’t) sleep. 
  • Few things improve sleep quality like meditation — Calm offers free and paid multi-day meditation programs, including the legit relaxing Daily Calm.
  • This is definitely not contactless: The Thync Relax Pro provides “safe, low level electrical stimulation to activate specific nerve pathways on the head and neck.” It’s meant to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.
  • Got a kid who can’t sleep? You’re not sleeping either. Knit Health aims to analyze Junior’s wakefulness, nighttime breathing, and any trends of interest.

And if all else fails, take a nap — perhaps after convincing your boss (or CFO) that your office needs a nap pod